”Life is an interview, why not be stylish. You never know who you will meet or where life will take you but you should always look your best doing it!”.


I thought what better to write about than how to dress post pregnancy since this is my current wardrobe as well. I know after you have a child its almost worse than when you were pregnant because you bust out all your old clothes thinking you will fit right back into it and or you are nursing and some tops are just not conducive for that (I know I did lol). Unfortunately, for most it will take some time due to your uterus has to contract back down and well if your breast feeding you can forget most of your tight tops because they wont fit. Of course, you try to put on the pregnancy clothes but now they are baggy and unflattering and really who wants to wear those after, I know I was excited to box those up until next time. So talk about frustrating… maternity clothes are too big and your pre-pregnancy wardrobe is too small, so now your scratching your head questioning what to wear for the in-between time? Well ladies I have the answers below so get ready to become the fashionable new and improved you!

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I cannot even to begin to count how many “hot messes” I see daily! And even worse maybe even you are a victim of being a “hot mess”. If you are unsure if you fall under the category of being a “hot mess” than read on and lets make sure you are never a “hot mess” again and if you see someone who is let them know how to correct themselves!

Undergarment Guidelines.

If you are wearing a silk/jersey dress -
If you are wearing white -
Best for tummy control when wearing a shirt with pants/skirt -
If you are wearing a strapless/halter/racer back/backless dress/top -
If you are wearing low cut pants -

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With hot weather brings out some interesting outfits to say the least and with this heat wave the outfits have become more unbearable than the actual heat. I have seen this first hand more than ever living in California. And I have heard my friends say time and time again “what is she wearing” and this is usually referring to someone wearing a garment that is not suiting to their body type. So I figured this was a good time to give some guidelines as well as tips and tricks on how to dress for YOUR body type!


1. Understand your body.
2. Know your best body assets.
3. Know your troubled areas.
4. Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should buy it.
5. Being able to zip up that garment does not mean it looks good on you and fits you properly.
6. Undergarments are the key.
7. Less is more.

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